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Softsense Technologies takes pride in its employees — we've created a collegial culture where individuals are encouraged to learn, grow, and find innovative ways of using technology to best serve our customers and each other. Read what some of our employees have to say about Softsense. "My career with Softsense began as an entry-level software tester. Since that time, the company has provided me with many opportunities for training and career development. With guidance and support from those I work with, I have become grounded in the information technology field. My colleagues are like an extension of my family. Softsense provides an open and dynamic work environment and maintains a solid commitment to its employees." --- Kiran, Software Tester

"Since joining Softsense, my position and project opportunities have proven satisfying and challenging and management has been exceedingly supportive of my career goals. Softsense gave me, a recent college, my big break, and through them I have worked with several outstanding colleagues. This experience will be invaluable for my ongoing professional and personal growth. There are many commendable things to be said about a company that excels in providing an excellent and enjoyable work environment while simultaneously providing an extraordinary feeling of job security, particularly in these difficult economic times." --- Rajanikanth, Web Developer

"My experience in working for Softsense has been challenging, fulfilling, and extremely rewarding. Every level of management has been 100-percent supportive of my desire to pursue my career and also provide my family with an adequate share of my time and energy. The challenges of my part-time schedule have always been accommodated, and my devotion to my projects and to Softsense remains strong. My immediate management has always taken my career goals into account when placing me on a project. There is not only a sense of team in working for Softsense, but also a very real sense of family!" --- Arpith, Business Analyst.
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